Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guarantee comes with the system?

We provide a written five year warranty on our systems.

Of clients that hire Capital for system installation, what percentage use Capital for ongoing service?

We provide ongoing service to over 99% of all these systems.

What are some of the advantages of Capital Irrigation's service division?

Install Follow Up

With most new installations there are slight adjustments that typically need to be made to ensure proper coverage. This 'tweaking' of the system is a priority in order to ensure health of the landscape.

Ease of scheduling

Our database management system enables us to send time-sensitive electronic notices that include detailed instructions for homeowners to prepare their system for the spring and fall servicing. In addition to this, our construction methodology enables us to provide service without our clients needing to be home.


Our service personnel will have onsite use of our digital asbuilts which minimizes time, costs and disruption of your landscape. Also, our comprehensive inventory management system enables us to always have the 400 plus items in stock that are typically needed for repairs. Less than 1% of our service calls are to re-mobilize with appropriate product.

Office support

Our full-time, friendly office personnel are trained to provide assistance with questions that can come up. Phone support and prompt service scheduling are key ingredients for customer satisfaction. We want our last impression to be better than our first.

Do all irrigation systems reduce water consumption by the same amount?

While almost any electronic system with a rain gauge will be more efficient than hand watering, there are additional water savings from properly designed systems. A well designed microclimatic system can save over $100 of water a year.

Does Capital Irrigation have a professional designation?

Capital Irrigation is a member of the Alberta Chapter of the Irrigation Association and has achieved Certified Irrigation Contractor status. We are committed to the ongoing training and education of our staff.

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